Summer’s unique flavors


Imagine this summer scene. Escape away from everyone and everything, but most importantly the escape from ordinary every day and the usual people around you. Wherever you turn just a bunch of tourists who wants to escape for the same reasons as you – to rest your head, body and soul on the beautiful Makarska Riviera. As you look at them, you feel like you are connected, like you’re all the same. And you feel the peace. You continue to walk through the beautiful coast, the noise of the sea follows your every step and fills that perfect scent which attracts you and guide you through the familiar road. Then you realize you’ve been counting time to satisfy the cravings for the tastes of Restaurant Riva. 

Gastronomy menu of every summer gateway is one of the key points for the entire experience of summer vacation and that’s the reason why town of Makarska meets all the desired tourist criteria – while having a secret card in its sleeve that will satisfy everyone’s palate. The only thing expected from the guest is to express their gourment desires and then leave everything in the hands of chefs which have the knowledge and all the secret ingredients to unite your wishes in the fantasy of an amazing flavors that will delight you with unified and balanced aromas. 

Imagine just one more time that summer scene. You, Makarska, crystal blue sea and impatient palate which desires for the amazing flavors and aromas. In the shade of the pine trees of the Restaurant Riva, you can find gastronomy fantasis and easiness of their creations which will seduce you as well as your senses. Seafood, meat dishes or rice are just some of the beautiful plates between which you will have to choose. Don’t worry, whatever you choice will be, you won’t make a mistake. Just follow your pictured summer scene and make it completely perfect with the Restaurant Riva!